GPCA 2016 U.S. Senate endorsement process

One of California's two U.S. Senate seats will be up for election in 2016 - that of retiring Barbara Boxer. There will be a U.S. Senate primary election June 7, 2016. 
The Green Party of California will conduct an endorsement process between October 5 and November 22, 2015, to determine whether it will endorse a candidate in that race.  Any registered Green Party member is eligible to apply for consideration, by filling out the questionnaire below and emailing it to this email address. To ensure consideration, it is recommended that applicants send in their questionnaire by August 31, so they can be reviewed by the GPCA's Campaigns and Candidates Working Group, which then places them before the GPCA's Standing General Assembly
At its June 27-28, 2015 General Assembly, the GPCA passed the following proposal: "The GPCA General Assembly declares as a goal for the GPCA in 2016 that there is an endorsed GPCA candidate for U.S. Senate, that the endorsement process be open to all California Greens who submit a completed questionnaire (per below), that the endorsement discussion/vote begin on October 5 and conclude on November 22, that notification of the process to apply for endorsement shall be emailed to all GPCA members for whom the party has on hand, and that the goals would include
- Coordination on gathering of the 10,000 needed nomination signatures, in-lieu of filing fees 
- Being reflective of the GPCA platform and the Ten Key Values
- Increasing Green voter registration
- Coordination on message with down ticket candidates 
- Inspiring more Greens to run for all levels of elected office
- Identify party members and other registered voters who will commit in advance to sign and/or circulate nomination papers for these candidates

GPCA 2016 U.S. Senate Endorsement Questionnaire:
  1. Why are you running for U.S. Senate as a Green?
  2. What are your key platform issues? What are the most important issues facing California and the nation? What solutions do you offer?
  3. How will your campaign build the Green Party of California? What are your campaign goals?
  4. What parts of the GPCA platform do you feel most closely aligned with? What parts do you disagree with, if any? Are there parts you would improve upon and how?
  5. What in your background qualifies you to be a credible candidate? What assets would you bring to your campaign, in addition to those already existing within the Green Party?
  6. What are some of the key organizations and/or constituencies that you plan to outreach to and what is your relationship (if any) to them?
  7. Have you filed as a campaign committee with the Federal Elections Commission and if so, what is your campaign ID#.  Do you have campaign bank account and treasurer? A campaign website?
  8. Do believe that an independent party like the Greens can succeed in the US? How would you define such success? How can it happen?
  9. How will you collaborate with other Greens running for other office, including on issues, messaging and organizing?
10. Why are you a Green?


1) Key 2016 deadlines include: Signatures In Lieu of Filing Fee Period for Voter-Nominated Offices January 1 - February 25, 2016; Candidate Statement Period for Voter Information Guide (U.S. Senate) January 28 - February 17, 2016; and Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Paper Period for Voter-Nominated Offices February 15 - March 11, 2016.

2) Previous California Green candidates for U.S. Senate:

2010: Duane Roberts, 6th/6 candidates 128,510 votes 1.2%

2006: Todd Chretien, 3rd/6 candidates 147,074 votes 1.8%

2000: Medea Benjamin, 3rd/7 candidates 326,828 3.1%   

1994: Barbara Blong, 6th/6 candidates 140,567 1.65%

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