VIDEO: California Green David Cobb announces We the People amendment has Congressional sponsors

California Green and 2004 GPUS Presidential Candidate David Cobb announces We the People amendment has Congressional sponsors.

Green Party Policy Demands to the California State Legislature/Green Party Legislative Agenda

The Green Party urges the California State Legislature, in which there is now a historic 2/3 super-majority of Democrats in both houses, to address several key issues confronting our state. The Green Party advocates a ‘Green New Deal’ of specific solutions that would heal our planet, invigorate our democracy, increase fairness in our economy and ensure health-care for all. 

GPCA Job Announcement: Independent Contractor Field Organizer

Background: The Green Party of California (GPCA) is seeking an independent contractor part time field organizer.  The GPCA is a progressive political party based on Ten Key Values and policies in its platform. The GPCA operates mainly as a volunteer organization and utilizes independent contractors for support services.

Green Party Positions on Statewide Propositions - November 2012 General Election

Read the Green Party positions and analysis

Watch Jill Stein live in the last two Presidential Debates

November 4th and 5th


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