Join us for two Bay Area events

Please come to our Green Party parties on Wed. November 30th in Oakland and Thu. December 1st in Fairfax.

Gov. Brown Appoints Green Party Mayor Bruce Delgado to Water Board

Just as the Central Coast growers were starting to settle into to a stop-and-go routine of immobility on runoff rules, Gov. Jerry Brown today announced four appointments to the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board including Green Party Mayor Bruce Delgado.

Six Green Party mayors sign on to letter from over 100 mayors opposing Keystone XL tar sands pipeline

The Green mayors who signed the letter are Larry Bragman (Fairfax, Calif.), Bruce Delgado (Marina, Calif.), David Doonan (Greenwich, NY), Gayle McLaughlin (Richmond, Calif.), Jim Sullivan (Victory, NY), and Jason West (New Paltz, NY).

As some Occupy Movement participants turn to electoral activism, the Green Party sends them an invitation

"The Green Party encourages those Occupiers who want to have an effect on the 2012 elections to help us build a permanent alternative party that represents the interests of We The People -- the 99 percent -- instead of banks, oil companies, arms manufacturers, insurance firms, and other powerful lobbies. The Green Party accepts no money from corporate PACs. Our platform reflects the values and demands of Occupy Wall Street," said Kent Mesplay, candidate for the Green Party's 2012 presidential nomination.

Green party Mayor supports fining banks that neglect property

Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and Police Chief Chris Magnus pledged Tuesday to crack down on any banks that are neglecting foreclosed properties in the city. And they said they’ll push harder to enforce a city ordinance that fines banks $1,000 a day for vacant properties with code violations.

In Richmond, Foreclosed Homes Breed a New Kind of Problem

This article about Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and Richmond, CA was published in the New York Times.

Green Party Mayor Welcomes Occupy Protests To Her City

“The Occupy Wall Street movement has burst onto the scene, calling for an end to corporate domination all over the globe. We, in Richmond, are part of this movement and have everything to gain from it.” says Mayor McLaughlin.

GPCA election report: Greens retain Town Council Majority in Fairfax in November 8th elections, win seven elections overall

Eleven California Greens ran in municipal elections on November 8th. Seven were elected, including two to the Town Council in Fairfax, where Greens retained the city council majority there they first achieved in 2009.

Bragman and O'Neil win election to Fairfax Town Council

Fairfax voters Tuesday decided to stick with its Green Party majority town government by giving Mayor Larry Bragman a third term on the Town Council and electing Ryan O'Neil to his first term.

VIDEO: LA Greens oppose warehouse, support South Central Farm

Green Party members Linda Piera Avila, Mud Baron and state party spokesperson Michael Feinstein spoke against a warehouse development on the land of the South Central Farm, at the Budget and Finance committee hearing of the Los Angeles City Council.


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