Run Green

How to run for office as a Green

Greens are known for "thinking globally and running locally." There are currently approximately 70 elected Greens in California as of winter 2018. To run for public office as a Green yourself, follow the steps below and contact June Brashares and/or David Cobb, GPCA Campaigns & Candidates Working Group co-coordinators.  

Step #1: Identify the offices available to run for in your area

In 18, there will be multiple offices open on the municipal, county, state and federal level. To find the municipal and county races in your area, check with the Registrar's office in your county.  These seats are non-partisan and elections are mostly be held in March, April, June and November. Our greatest electoral successes have been at the local level. More than 350 California Greens have been elected to local office since the party's founding in 1990. In 2016 California Greens won 17/46 races, in 2015 14/17 races and in 2014 Greens 34/58 races.

On the state and federal level, there will be one U.S. Senate, 80 State Assembly, 20 State Senate and 53 congressional seats up for election in 2018. Find your district here. The Summary of Qualifications and Requirements for these offices are:  

• United States Congressmember 
• State Senator and State Assemblymember

Step #2: Assess your skills and experience

What office best suits you, your skills, experience and interests? What does the Green Party of California platform have to say about the issues you would be running on? How much do you feel in alignment with the platform?

Step #3: Talk to and seek endorsements from your friends, colleagues and local Green Party leaders

To run a successful campaign, it helps to have a record of prior involvement in the community, as well as the support of friends and family, Greens and others active in politics. Seek advice from other Greens in your area who have run for office. Get input, seek support from local Green Party leaders and the endorsement of the Green Party county organization(s) in the area in which you are running. The Green Party of California also awards campaign support funds to candidates endorsed by their county Green Party, based upon this criteria and questionnaire.  You must be regisered Green to be considered for endosement. 

Step #4: Make sure you meet the deadline for filing for office
Each office has its own deadline for taking out nomination signature petitions and for handing them in. Check with the County Registrar's office to learn the deadline for the office you are interested in. To run for partisan state or federal office as a Green in the June 2018 primary election, you must be registered Green no later than the time you hand in your required filing documents.
Step #5: Identify the deadlines, requirements and fees required to run for state and federal office
• Secretary of State Candidate Resources  (California Secretary of State)
• Videos: Fair Political Practices Commission Candidate & Treasurer Workshop - Parts 1234 and 5 (California Fair Political Practices Commission)
• Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Committees (Federal Elections Commission)
• Candidate qualifications to be on the California 2016 Primary election ballot for state and federal office