GPCA Press Releases

Press Release: Democracy or Bust? Continuing the Revolution is Green

Greens provide a real choice in the November general election to continue the 'political revolution' so many seek

Green supervisor re-elected, Statewide Green vote shows support for publicly-owned state bank, Top Two limits voter choice

Green candidates receive support from voters in June primary

Press Release: Green Party endorses Jena Goodman for Lt. Governor in June 2014 primary

In a state where chronic underfunding of higher education and the inequities it produces has become a rallying cry for students statewide, the Green Party adds a student voice to its 2014 statewide slate.

Press Release: Got 10,000 signatures? Green Governor candidate collects signatures to fight new rules to keep minor parties off the ballot

New lack blocks ballot access in California

Press Release: Green Party endorses 2014 statewide Green candidates

The GPCA endorses Luis Rodriguez, Governor; Laura Wells, Controller; Ellen Brown, Treasurer; David Curtis, Secretary of State

Press Release: Record number of California Greens elected in 2013 for an odd-numbered year

Twenty California Greens elected in 2013

Press Release: Green Party supports Criminal Justice Reform in Props 34 and 36 - Repeal Death Penalty and Fix Three-Strikes


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