Letter by Green Mayor: Chain store ban could rejuvenate downtown Napa

I am the mayor of Fairfax, and we have had a chain ban ordinance for more than 10 years.

We currently have only one empty store front and the rest of our downtown is vibrant, unique and thriving. We have actually been voted “Best Town in Marin” by the Pacific Sun newspaper four years running.

Banning chain stores encourages local business owners, keeps your money local, and creates businesses that respond directly to the needs of your citizens. The owners and workers tend to live local and participate more in community activities because they have a sense of ownership in the community.

We have also found that, because of our abundant and diverse businesses, we have had tax revenues hold steady throughout the recession.

We also provide what people need —- a worker-owned hardware store, three local coffee shops, a movie theater running on solar power, two general stores, two successful grocery stores, three bike shops, auto supply, and some extraordinary choices for dining, drinking, and partaking in entertainment.

Try it!