Militarism of Youth

Militarism is harmful because it consumes both natural and human resources which could be better employed in useful endeavors. People have a basic right to decide how they will serve their society and contribute to it. This choice should be based on the individual's religious, moral and ethical beliefs.

Today, young men are still required by law to register with the Selective Service System. Even though actual conscription has not been used since the Vietnam War, the military's propaganda ("Be All That You Can Be"), and its invasive recruitment tactics in schools, have resulted in a so-called all volunteer force that is, in effect, a "poverty draft." Young men and women are enticed into the armed forces as an escape from poverty and may then find themselves obligated to fight wars that they don't believe in, or that they find morally objectionable.
The Green Party urges measures to counter the injustice inherent in militarism:
Abolish the Selective Service System.
Respect the right of all citizens in and out of the military to follow their principles in claiming conscientious objector status. Congress should monitor the military's procedures in processing CO claims.
Give equal time to opposing viewpoints in any school where military recruiters have access to students. This will allow students to make informed choices.
Deny access to student names from driver license records or school lists by military recruiters, unless the students, or their parents in the case of minors, sign a release authorizing access.
Hold military recruitment materials to the same "truth in advertising" standards that are required of businesses.