Campaign Support Fund Questionnaire for Green Party candidates

Dear Green Party member running for office. To qualify for GPCA Campaign Fund Support, please feel out the following questionnaire

1. Campaign Information
Office Sought
Number of candidates:
Number of seats available:
Number of incumbents running:
Contribution limits that apply:

2. Campaign Contact Information
Name of candidate:
Name of Campaign Committee and Treasurer to Receive Campaign Fund Support check if awarded:

3. Candidate Information
Please give us a sense of who you are as a candidate, including by answering any/all of the following questions.
- How long have you been registered Green? Are you an incumbent?
- Have you ever sought office before? If yes, when, what office, what party were you registered with, and what were the results?
- What are you qualifications for this office? Describe how you decided to run for the office you are seeking. Describe your major accomplishments as a Green, and how they relate to the office you are seeking.

4. Local Green Endorsement
To be eligible to receive GPCA Campaign Fund Support, a candidate must have received the local Green party endorsement.* Have you been so endorsed?
*Candidates for non-partisan municipal, county and special district races, California state legislature and U.S. House of Representative must obtain the endorsement of any active Green Party county organization operating within the boundaries of the district for the applicable office.) Endorsements must be communicated directly to the CFSC by a County Council member of the County GP or a designated officer of an applicable GP County Local.

5. Campaign Strategy
Please give us a vision and overview of your campaign, including by answering any/all of the following questions.
- What are the goals of this campaign? How does the campaign plan to achieve them? What are the chances of you being elected?
- What are the major issues in the race? On what issues is the campaign centered? What strategies will the campaign use to get your message out?
- What is the fundraising goal of the campaign? How much progress has been made towards that goal? How would the campaign use funds donated by the Green Party of California?
- What endorsements do you have/expect to receive?
- Please comment further on any of these campaign strategies that your campaign may utilize – fundraising, volunteers, staff, literature, direct mail, door-to-door, phone banking, endorsements, robo-calling, debate participation, other.
- What is the campaign’s relationship to the Green Party? How can the Green Party support the campaign? How can this campaign increase the visibility of the Green Party and it's platform?
- Would the campaign be willing to write a post-election report for internal campaign analysis by the GPCA?
-Would the campaign be willing to write a post-election campaign report for public use by the GPCA on its website, in its newsletter, etc.?
- These are criteria upon which the GPCA bases awarding its campaign fund support. How does your campaign relate to them?

A) Provide a base level of support to all candidates endorsed either by their county or the state party, for those who were willing to receive such support.
B) Support Incumbents
C) Support Candidates/Campaigns with very good chance of winning
D) Support Candidates running for Statewide Constitutional and Statewide Federal office, who have been endorsed by the GPCA
E) Support Candidates in non-statewide partisan races endorsed by their Counties
F) Candidates in non-partisan races, endorsed by their counties, but less likely to win