GPCA Personnel Policy (May 3, 2003)

PERSONNEL POLICY FOR THE GREEN PARTY OF CALIFORNIA (as adopted by the General Assembly in May 2003 in Sacramento)

Aims of Personnel Policy
The personnel policy of the Green Party of California (GPCA) exists to codify the relationship between the Green Party of California and its employees. It also provides all concerned with a written record of policies and expectations.
Amendments to Policy
Amendments to the policy are drafted by the Personnel Committee and submitted for approval in accordance with concurrent GPCA Bylaws, Rules and Procedures.
Relationship of Employees and Contractors to Green Party of California
GPCA is governed by its membership meeting in General Assemblies. The General Assembly delegates personnel policy to the Coordinating Committee, which delegates its upkeep to the Personnel Committee. Employees of and contractors to GPCA are supervised by the committee(s) they are hired to help. Committees supervising employees are required to know and uphold this personnel policy. Supervising committees may include Standing Committees, Working Groups and Ad-Hoc Committees.
Distribution of Policy
This policy is a public document. Each new employee will be given a physical copy of this policy and all employees will be informed of any change in policy.
Matters of Law
All applicable national, state and local laws will be followed in hiring and employment. Conflicts of Interest
No person may apply for a position who is, or has been within the 3 prior months, a member of the Personnel Committee or the Hiring Committee. When a committee member applies for a position that will be supervised by that committee, that member may not participate in voting, consensus, or discussion of the hire. No employee will be selected for a position in which a relative (by blood, adoption, marriage, or partnership) has supervisory or direct administrative authority over her or him.
Hiring Committee
Because employees may be splitting their time working for different committees or campaigns, hiring will be done by ad hoc Hiring Committees. However, every Hiring Committee will consist of at least 4 persons, including at least one Personnel Committee member, one member of the Coordinating Committee and one member of the committee that will be supervising the employee. A job description must be in place before the hiring process begins.
Affirmative Action/Americans with Disabilities/Gender Balance
GPCA is committed to equality of opportunity for all employees and job applicants. We will not discriminate against employees or job applicants because of race, color, national origin, age, religion, union affiliation, political affiliation, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, or any factor unrelated to the job requirements. We are committed to employing a gender-balanced, diverse work force, and taking the necessary steps in hiring to achieve that goal. We will comply fully with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Job Announcements
Notices of available job positions will be made broadly available and with consideration to our affirmative action policy. Announcements will include, but not be limited to, Green Party e-mail lists.
Interviews and Process
The Hiring Committee, after the application deadline, will select the most likely applicants for job interviews. Interviews may be conducted by phone or in person. Whenever possible, the Hiring Committee will conduct the first interview, and the committee(s) that will be supervising the employee will conduct a second interview of one or more persons selected from the first set of interviews. After the Hiring Committee makes its choice it will inform the Personnel Committee, which will have the power to provisionally approve the hiring. An employee's hiring will be provisional until it is confirmed by the Coordinating Committee or its designee.
Employer References
All potential employee references will be verified by the Hiring Committee and, if the employee is hired, become part of the employee's permanent record.
Letters of Employment
The Hiring Committee will notify candidates selected for positions orally and in writing, and will present them with a statement of responsibilities, salary, and benefits of employment.
Job Descriptions
Job descriptions will be created for all positions prior to hiring.
Probationary Period
All employees will be on probation for their first 3 months of employment. The probationary period is designed to allow the employee and GPCA to determine if they are a good fit for each other. During the probationary period GPCA may terminate employment if it wishes to re-open the hiring process. Changes of positions for current employees will not be subject to a probationary period.
Party Membership
Membership of GPCA will not be made a condition of employment excepting positions where employees are delegated power to make administrative decisions, or where GPCA has a need to keep confidential the information available to an employee in such a position.
Part-Time and Temporary Employees
Part-time permanent positions and temporary positions will be subject to the general rules of this Personnel Policy, with the following exceptions:
-- Part-time permanent positions will receive no benefits if the position is for less than 18 hours per week. Employees working 20 hours or more will be eligible for pro-rated medical benefits. Benefits, including vacations, will be pro-rated to a 40 hour work week for employees working 18 or more hours per week.
-- Temporary positions can be established for periods of up to 6 months. Full-time temporary employees will receive the same benefits as full-time employees. Part-time temporary employees will receive the same benefits as part-time permanent employees.
Contractual Employees and Professional Services (Classification)
IRS rules will be followed to determine whether to classify a position as employee or independent contractor. When independent contractors are hired, a contract must be signed, stating services to be rendered and payment. Independent contractors are responsible for their own benefits.
Evaluation of Employees
Employees will be evaluated 2 weeks before the end of their probationary period, annually thereafter, and at such times as their supervisors may find necessary. Evaluations may result in employee termination or in a specific set of changes required to achieve a satisfactory evaluation. All evaluations will become part of the employee's personnel records.
Employees who voluntarily leave positions will provide written notice. GPCA requests a minimum of 2 weeks notice in advance of departure.
Disciplinary Action, Unsatisfactory Job Performance, Dismissal
Employees may be dismissed by their supervisors, subject to confirmation by the Personnel Committee. During the 3 month probationary period, dismissal may be due to any unsatisfactory work or behavior by the employee. An unsatisfactory job performance evaluation is also a basis for dismissal. Employees evaluated as having unsatisfactory performance or requiring disciplinary action will receive written warning stipulating a reasonable length of time to rectify the problem(s). This can be followed by termination if the problem(s) are not corrected. In addition to any specific job requirements, employees may be dismissed for any abuse, harassment, or bad treatment of the people with whom they work or have contact as part of their position.
Malfeasance and Dismissal
The following actions will make employees subject to immediate dismissal, without any requirement of a written warning or time to correct the problem:
__Deliberate destruction of organization property.
__Theft of money or embezzlement.
__Theft of GPCA property.
__Possession of illegal substances or alcohol on GPCA premises.
__Falsification of application for employment.
__Possession of weapons, explosives, or other hazardous substances while working for GPCA or on GPCA
premises, unless needed to perform one's work.
__Physical assault and/or battery, on or off the job.
__Threatening, intimidating, or coercing fellow employees.
__Serious violations of safety rules or practices.
__False reporting about one's work to a supervisor.
__Giving proprietary Party information to an unauthorized person.
At times GPCA may be forced to lay off employees. Such workers will receive all earned salary and vacation pay. GPCA will provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to a lay off.
Final Pay
When an employee leaves for whatever reason, final pay will be provided no later than the next regularly scheduled payday.
Exit Interview
The Personnel Committee or its designee will conduct an exit interview of the terminating employee and place the notes of the interview in the employee's personnel file.
Release of Information/Confidentiality
Current and past employee records are confidential. Unless an employee specifies otherwise in writing, the only information to be given out to a potential employer is the employee's job title and description and dates of employment.
Grievances should be brought to the employee's supervising committee. Grievance decisions can be appealed to the Personnel Committee, whose decisions will be final.
Right to Unionize
Employees have a right to unionize.
Employees typically work for committees whose members are volunteers. They should communicate regularly with their supervising committees in order to be clear as to goals, work requirements, and priorities. Supervising committees may also designate someone, including another employee, to act as a direct supervisor.
The safety of employees and volunteers is of great importance to GPCA. Employees will follow all safety rules established for GPCA premises and work off-premises. Employees will be given a written copy of these rules during their orientation. All Federal, State, and local occupational safety and health laws and regulations will be complied with.
Volunteer Time
GPCA is primarily a volunteer organization. Employees will not be required to work without pay. But when an employee does work outside of their paid position, on their own initiative, they should not expect or request to be paid for such efforts. Any question about what work is paid and what is unpaid should be brought to the employee's supervisor.
Hours are to be established on a per-position basis. No position will have regular hours of more than 40 hours per week.
Breaks and Lunch
California state law will be followed for minimum breaks and meal periods. Breaks will be paid, meal periods will be unpaid.
Employees are encouraged to apply for more responsible positions when such openings occur. Conference/Attendance
Non-exempt employees who are required to attend a Plenary or any other GPCA function must be paid for such work.
Sexual Harassment
All sexual harassment is prohibited and is grounds for termination.
Outside Earnings and Conflicts of Interest
Employees may hold jobs or run businesses in addition to their employment by GPCA. They must report those outside earnings sources (but not actual amounts earned) to their supervisors to determine if there is any conflict of interest. Employees may not represent themselves as working for GPCA when engaged in outside activities.
GPCA facilities, premises, equipment and supplies will not be used for non-GPCA activities without authorization by the Coordinating Committee.
Smoking tobacco or burning any substance that may effect the health of employees or volunteers will not be allowed on GPCA premises, except in outdoor areas designated for the purpose to avoid affecting non-smokers. Substance abuse - Illegal drugs on premises
Employees are to evaluated solely on the basis of their work. However, drug or alcohol use will not serve as an excuse for poor work. No alcohol or illegal drugs may be brought onto GPCA premises.
Wages and Salary
Wages for non-exempt workers and salaries for exempt workers are to be established based on approved budgets. Reasonable annual pay increases for continuing employees should be included in budgets.
Overtime/Compensatory (Comp) Time
Non-exempt employees must be paid at a rate of one and one-half of their regular hourly rate for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day.
Exempt employees are those who supervise others or exercise discretionary decision making powers. They are sometimes expected to work additional hours to fulfill their missions. Exempt employees are not paid overtime, as they are paid on an annual rather than hourly basis.
No employee will work overtime without prior authorization.
Employees are to be paid on a schedule set up by the Treasurer, but no less than 2 times per month.
Medical Insurance
(__This clause - or a duly approved revision - will go into effect only after GPCA has enough employees to qualify for a group medical plan.__)
There is a 30-day waiting period for medical benefits which commences on an employee's first day of employment. Full time employees and their spouses or domestic partners and/or children will be covered by a medical plan paid for by the GPCA starting the first full month following the 30-day waiting period. Part-time employees in positions scheduled for 20 or more hours per week and their spouses or domestic partners and/or children can receive coverage pro-rated to a 40 hour work week; that is, GPCA will pay towards the same medical coverage of a full-time employee an amount equal to the stated hours-per week of the position, divided by forty, with a deduction from the employee's pay for the rest of the premium necessary for coverage. Part-time employees may also elect to not take such coverage, or if less-expensive plans are available than the regular plan, may elect a less-expensive (higher-deductible) plan.
Upon termination, employees will be informed of their eligibility for insurance under COBRA or Cal-COBRA, in accordance with federal and state law. In the event GPCA hires 50 or more employees, the appropriate provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) will be followed.
Unemployment Insurance
Unemployment insurance is supported by a payroll tax and shall be administered according to all applicable laws. No employee who voluntarily leaves a position will be allowed to defraud the system by claiming to be laid off.
Workers Compensation
GPCA will carry a workers compensation policy.
Retirement (Social Security)
GPCA will participate in the Social Security and Medicare system, paying into it in accordance to law so that future retirees will have their appropriate benefits.
Expense Reimbursement
Expenses incurred as a result of job requirements will be reimbursed.
Each full-time permanent employee will earn 10 days of paid vacation during their first year of employment and 15 days of paid vacation starting with the second year of employment.
Paid Holidays
Federal holidays will be paid holidays. Part-time employees will receive this holiday pay in proportion to their work week.
Personal Leave
Employees may take paid vacation days as personal leave days or may take up to 5 unpaid personal leave days per year.
Sick Leave
Employees may take 5 paid sick leave days per year.
Leave of Absence
Employees may request up to 4 weeks (20 work days) unpaid leave of absence per year. Such leaves of absence will be granted only with written permission of the employees' supervisor.
Parental Leave
Parents expecting or having newborn or adopted children may request an unpaid leave of absence of up to 4 weeks (20 work days). Such leaves of absence will be granted only with written permission of the employee's supervisor.
Voting Leave
Each election day employees may take 1 hour of paid voting leave.
Jury Leave
Jury leave will be paid, but employees who are jurors must report to work when released from jury duty temporarily.
Child Care/Children at Workplace
Children may be brought to the workplace provided the employee is able to maintain his/her duties and the children do not disrupt other workers. For workplace and public health reasons, children with contagious illnesses may not be brought into the workplace. When there are enough employees with children needing child care to warrant it, GPCA will look into establishing a child-care facility at or near its workplace(s).
All employees are to keep time sheets both to record their payable hours and to help determine how they are spending their time.
Leave, Record of
Records are to be kept of employees' paid and unpaid leave.
Payroll Records
The Treasurer of GPCA will establish a system to keep payroll records.
Personnel Records
Personnel records are confidential. Access to such records will be limited to persons supervising an employee and the Personnel Committee or their designee(s). Each employee has the right to review her/his record upon request. An employee has the right to request the correction or deletion of inaccurate information; if such a request is denied, the employee may include a note of disagreement in the file.
Payroll Taxes
Payroll taxes will be paid to the federal or CA state governments according to law.
Workplace injuries are to be reported immediately. Employees who require treatment due to a workplace injury will be referred to a Workers Compensation doctor. A written report will be made and signed both by the employee and the employee's supervisor. An evaluation should be made as to whether a review of safety procedures needs to be made. Medical Emergencies
Each employee will provide a person to contact in case of medical emergencies.