Green Party of California

Green Party of California

applications for GPUS Delegation
April 2008 General Assembly:

Martin Zehr, received 1/04/08
Jim Weill (alternate), received 1/19/08

Cat Woods, received, 1/23/08
Ann Tompkins, received 2/03/08

Teresa Boardman, received 2/03/08

The following applications were submitted after the February 4th, 60 day deadline; but should be submitted for inclusion subject to plenary approval along with the agenda approval, and would likely be approved, because the General Assembly date was not announced in a timely manner by Coordinating Committee

Jack Lindblad, received 2/05/08
Aaron Reaven (alternate), received 2/05/08
Carol Wohlman, received 2/05/08
Jan Arnold (alternate), received 2/06/08
Perrine Kelly, received 2/06/08
Jared Laiti, received 2/06/08
Craig Thorsen, received 2/06/08
John Phillip Santos (alternate), received 2/06/08
Marilyn Ditmanson, received 2/09/08
Susan Chunco, received 2/11/08