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Article: EARTHWATCH: The Green Party Arrives: A new congressional candidate tries to penetrate the smog of the County.

Article: Environmentalist Green Party May Have Ballot Spot

Friday, January 3, 1992

Environmentalist Green Party May Have Ballot Spot
By Daniel M. Weintraub | Staff Writer, Los Angeles Times | January 3, 1992

The California Green Party is Born

Sunday, February 4, 1990

By Mike Feinstein, Green Synthesis, March 1990.

Suddently, the California Green Assembly meeting came to a halt, as everyone leaned forward to hear ABC's local affiliate come through a 2" Sony Watchman. "Today was a historic day. Sixty Green activists from all areas of California gathered in Sacramento to launch a new political party, the Green Party of California." 

In Memoriam: Marc Sharon, October 1998

Thursday, October 15, 1998

A Russian émigré who was one of the original California Greens, Marc Sharon passed away in West Los Angeles in October, 1998.

2013 - A Green year in Review

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Ten Green Party of California (GPCA) Highlights of 2013

1) Record number of elected Greens in odd-numbered year


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