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Huffington Post on Terry Baum and San Francisco Mayoral Debate Focuses On The Arts

State Senator Leeland Yee didn't show up, but Green Party candidate Terry Baum was more than happy to take his place. She was a last-minute addition who did more than her fair share to liven up the proceedings.

"Snubbed" San Francisco Green Party Mayoral Candidate Greeted More Warmly Than Mayor Lee

Mayor Lee was not the only new participant in tonight's forum. Terry Joan Baum, a Green Party candidate and Castro resident, crashed the stage with her own chair before the debate started and was allowed to stay there.

Article: Bakewell backs Paparian

Los Angeles Sentinel owner Danny Bakewell endorses Green Congressional candidate Bill Paparian

Article: Former musician sings the Green Party song for Congress

Byron DeLear runs for Congress in CD28 in the San Fernando Valley

Opinion: Dreams can come true

Pasadena Weekly opinion piece praising the presence of three Green congressional candidates in the Pasadena area

Article: United They Stand - Pasadena peace candidates link arms and reach hundreds protesting on the third anniversary of the war in Iraq

Green Party candidates Bill Paparian, Philip Koebel and Ricardo Costa march in Pasadena against Iraq War

Article: California Greens win five of seven races in November elections; Pasadena City College Board tops victories

In November elections, California Greens won five of the seven races they contested. Perhaps the most impressive was Hilary Bradbury-Huang's election to the board of trustees of Pasadena City College.

Article: LA Greens Take it to the Streets - Greens’ Doo Dah Appearance Deemed a Great Success

Greens march in Pasadena's Doo Dah Parade

Article: Some USC Greens grapple with 'spoiler' effect - It's Green Party ideals vs. voting to get Bush out any way possible

By Gina Goodhill, Special to CNN

Article: Greens convene, party on at UCLA - Statewide members meet for political workshops, celebrate group’s recognition

By Teri H.P. Nguyen, Daily Bruin Contributor

Introducing their full slate of candidates for the 2002 state elections, the Green Party of California convened at UCLA over the weekend, where they ate tofu, listened to jazz and got down to politics.


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