State Meeting Planning Committee

The State Meeting Planning Committee is a sub-committee of the Coordinating Committee, charged with general supervision of planning and preparations necessary for conducting GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings. Below is the description of this GPCA Coordinating Committee Subcommittee as outlined in the Coordinating Committee's Internal Procedures approved Dec. 2022.

Please contact the State Meeting Planning Committee with any questions.

7-2: State Meetings Planning Subcommittee

7-2.1. Duties and Authority
The State Meetings Planning Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Coordinating Committee, charged with planning and conducting GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings, including to: - Work with the in-person GA host committee to identify a venue and stage a meeting in a manner consistent with the Ten Key Values. - Work with the host committee to provide logistical details for inclusion in the agenda packet. - Collect agenda item proposals and put together a draft agenda to be submitted to the Coordinating Committee for approval and inclusion in the agenda packet. - Identify volunteers as facilitators and minutes-taker(s) for all sessions of the GA and provide support for them. - Support the host committee and the Finance Committee to ensure financial details are fully recorded. - Provide the CC a ‘Post Assembly Report’ within 60 days after each General Assembly, containing a general summary of decisions made at the GA. *See GPCA Bylaws Article 7 for further information on General Assemblies.

7-2.2. Membership
The State Meeting Planning Subcommittee shall be composed of up to 8 members, with no more than five Coordinating Committee members at any time. A call for Subcommittee members is shared at each GA.

7-2.3. Appointment
All GPCA members who have attended at least one GA are eligible for appointment to the Subcommittee for 2-year terms. A Subcommittee liaison / Coordinator is appointed by the CC, and a second Coordinator is appointed by the members of the Subcommittee. Other Members are appointed by the Coordinating Committee decision upon applying to serve. Additional volunteers may be invited by the committee.

7-2.4. Attendance
GPCA General Assemblies GPCA General Assemblies shall be open to County Delegates, Party Officers, members of the Coordinating Committee, and Coordinators of Standing Committees. Space permitting, all other members of the Green Party of California are also able to attend. The only non-party individuals who may attend shall be those invited by the Coordinating Committee, by the general assembly planning team, or by general assembly session sponsors or presenters, either at its own initiative or at the recommendation of other party committees or county party organizations, for purposes pertinent to the business of the GPCA.

7-2.5. General Assembly Income and Expenses
All income and expenses associated with GPCA General Assemblies and Gathering shall be reported by the GPCA in its filings with the FPPC. All expenses other than petty cash expenses are to be paid for by the GPCA and not any County Party or individual, unless approved by the CC. All income generated by GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings is to be received through the GPCA's website and/or checks written to the GPCA, and shall be deposited in the GPCA's bank accounts. No income should be received by any other individual or entity than GPCA.
All expenditures incurred by a County Party due to hosting GPCA General Assemblies and Gatherings, will be in the form of payments from the GPCA to the County Party as reimbursements, when approved in advance by the State Meeting Planning Committee.

The GPCA Coordinating Committee is responsible for coordinating state party meetings. Starting in 2003 the Coordinating Committee appointed its own sub-committee called the General Assembly Planning Committee or Agenda Committee to do the work outlined here. The name, mission and mandate of this committee has been revised over the years by the Coordinating Committee and today is called the State Meeting Planning Committee.